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Teaching the Coddled Mind

By David Cutler posted 11-20-2018 11:36 PM

Dear Colleagues, 

I thought to share my new story, which I wrote in reaction to having read the New York Times best-selling book. It's an edgy piece, but I hope that it will help foster civil, productive discussion about an important topic.

Here is my favorite paragraph from the piece:

I believe that providing a platform for fools to speak, even in our venomous political climate, is essential to revealing their foolishness. Could speaking engagements by hate-mongers on college campuses cause damage, contaminating impressionable young people? Maybe, but countless more young people would benefit from developing ideological resilience. When the audience poses questions, makes statements, and holds protest signs, vile speakers, if afforded an opportunity to speak, will usually be left looking ignorant and irrelevant — much more so than when students provoke physical safety concerns that prevent events from occurring, or demand that administrators rescind invitations.