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How to participate in the Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces

  • 1.  How to participate in the Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces

    Posted 01-30-2015 08:47 AM
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    If your school has a makerspace/Innovation Den/Design Den and you want your school to be part of the Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces, follow the link below for instructions. This is part the NAIS 2015 Annual Conference in Boston but will live on long after the conversations die out.


    How to participate in the Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces



    The full set of directions are located at the link above. However, you will need the password for the dropittome site which is located in step 6 of the directions below. You will be able to preview all survey questions prior to completing form so you can simply copy and paste your responses.


    Please follow the steps below if you would like your school included in this gallery.

    2. Take a moment to gather the information below and enter it into the Google Form linked here ( View preview of all survey questions
    3. Take images of your space(s). Feel free to include students in those images if that is allowed by your school. Certainly take images of some of the work produced by your students. People will also be very interested in the physical space, layout and equipment you currently have in your space. Please keep your image file selection to 10 to 15 images max. The maximum file size for upload it 75MB so try to stay south of there.
    4. Place all the images into a single folder along with a school logo image (if you desire) and create a ZIP file that can be uploaded to a drop site.  Check to make sure the total file size is less that 75MB.
    5. Make an index of your images by file name and provide a brief caption for each image. If you match the file name with the caption, I should be able to match things up on this end. You will enter this information in the last question of the Google Form for this project. If you have any videos of your space in action living online, feel free to include the static URL's to those in this space on the Google Form. If possible, I will try to link them into different aspects of this project.
    6. Upload your image ZIP file (Less than 75MB) to and enter Password: uploadnow


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