NAIS Annual Conference

NAISAC 2016 Twitter Community- Join Now

  • 1.  NAISAC 2016 Twitter Community- Join Now

    Posted 01-06-2016 10:12 AM

    The online community for the NAIS Annual Conference in San Francisco in February is starting to come to life. Start following and adding to the conversation by joining the Twitter group for @NAISAC. By doing this, you will be able to easily follow conference attendees who tweet as well as have your tweets and things you share easily accessible to the NAIS Annual Conference Community.

    Do the following now

    1. Follow @NAISAC
    2. SUBSCRIBE to the naisac16 Twitter LIST:
    3. Forward this information to your faculty and or other interested groups.
    4. Tweet the following from your Twitter account: Prepare for#naisac  Follow to JOIN online community.

    By doing these things, you will stay informed about all things related to the annual conference as well as begin to connect with other independent school educators who are planning to attend and or follow this year’s events in San Francisco.


    Chris Bigenho, PhD

    Director of Instructional Technology

    Architect of NAIS Online Community

    Chris Bigenho
    Director of Educational Technology
    Greenhill School
    Addison, TX
    [email protected]